Weight Management: Become Photo Ready Naturally

Losing weight to reach the ideal scale is tedious enough but on the other hand, managing weight daily can be harder. Being photo ready can be really troublesome at times. Especially when you are invited to an event with only a day’s margin! How will you lose weight within 24 hours? What will I wear? These are some common questions asked by many.

While the weight loss industry is full of weight loss tips and tricks, only a few of them are evidence based.
Forget about following weight loss myths and check out the top 10 perfect tricks which actually work.

Hydration before Every Meal

Whereas drinking water is highly beneficial anyway, on the other hand, it is ideal for dieters. If you want to lose weight quickly, simply drink 2 glasses of water half an hour before every meal. This way, your metabolic rate will increase; digestive system will be activated as well as you will eat 40% lesser calories due to a comparatively fuller stomach.

Egg it!

The common myth about egg is that it can cause a high cholesterol count if eaten daily. This myth has been rendered wrong as eggs are in turn, your best friends when it comes to weight loss. Consuming eggs for breakfast instead of cereals, whole grain meals or high protein meals is actually beneficial in various ways.

Eggs not only provide our bodies with high doses of energy, but also keep us full for longer. Researches reveal that people who eat boiled eggs for breakfast are likely to eat lesser calories in the next 36 hours.

Green Tea is the Key!

Drinking Green tea is the best way to shed a few pounds. Green tea not only suppresses your diet but boosts your metabolism at amazingly high rates. The catechins present in green tea pair up with low doses of caffeine in green tea and act as fat burners of the best kind. Green tea also detoxifies us internally, revealing a fresh looking skin without acne, pimples, etc.

Dietary Supplements

The name says it all. The diet pills are especially designed to help you lose weight effortlessly without any extra tricks. Most diet pills are designed to help you curb your cravings, suppress the diet while boosting the metabolic and digestive processes. One of the most effective diet supplements is Phen375. Try it and notice the difference!

Coffee or Tea?

If you are a tea lover, you need to switch to coffee, that too, black. Black coffee is perfect for keeping you alert, power up your metabolism while keep your blood sugar levels in check. If you haven’t tried black coffee yet, now is the time!

Switch to Small Plates

Believe it or not, this is a trick that truly works! Switching to smaller plates tricks our brain by sending signals that the person has finished the whole plate. While you consume less calories due to smaller portions on the small plates, nonetheless you feel full due to your brain controlling the signals!

Carry a Snack

We often feel hungry at odd hours. Otherwise, we decide to stay hungry for about 2-3 more hours for example when in the mall, and eventually end up eating something totally unhealthy. This is the worst thing ever.
Carry a snack with you such as fruits, biscuits, etc. This way, whenever you feel hungry, you can munch on something more calorie friendly.

Have 4-5 small meals

Ditch the common perspective of eating 3 times a day and switch to eating 4-5 times. 5 small meals throughout the day can help keep you full, keep your digestive and metabolic system working while help curb your cravings to the max.

Brush Teeth after every meal

If you brush your teeth after every meal, you will not be as tempted to indulge in unhealthy eating as otherwise. Brushing teeth can eliminate food particles from the mouth, helping us stay cleaner and away from untimely temptations.

Spice things up!

By adding spices to your daily meals, you can actually start losing weight naturally. Spices such as cayenne pepper, jalapeño, red chili flakes or simply green chilies, can help boost metabolism naturally.

Chew Slowly

It is said that if you chew slowly, you can actually power up your digestive process as most of the digestion begins in our mouth. http://www.phen375effective.com


While all small tricks are great, cardio is essential when losing weight and toning up the muscles is concerned. Stay fit by either jogging, walking, running, or indulging in aerobics, yoga or palates. Exercising helps our muscles stay in shape.

If you need to become photo ready within a few weeks or days, try these hassle free tricks. Simply consume diet pills such as Phen375, drink loads of water, exercise and spice up your meals!

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