10 daily life tricks to reduce weight gradually

Fitness is not a state of being, it’s a lifestyle. Eating healthy is not a short term aim to lose weight but it is a way of living. That is what our society needs to understand; the fact that its not all about being size zero and making those six-pack abs but its about the conduct.top 10 diet pills on the market

In today’s world, there’s more emphasis on looking good than actually feeling good. Individuals should aim at staying fit in the long term than just for the moment and for that we present to you the 10 life hacks to lose weight over time. As staying fit is the way to live by!

Watch what you eat!

They say we are what we eat so why not eat healthy? Eat more fruits and vegetables as they are both low in calories. Not just this, you should add protein to your diet as that is extremely essential as far as eating healthy is concerned too. Lean proteins are the most suitable; they include eggs, lean beef, seafood, etc. Many individuals also start taking weight loss pills like Phen375  and taking the eating healthy route is a better option.

Control your food intake

Eating the right portion of food is equally important as eating the right kind food. You can’t just eat tons and tons of food and act like it won’t affect you. It most definitely will sweetheart! Before you know, you would have gained weight instead of losing it. So in order to avoid that, it is important that you limit your portions along with controlling your diet. You should never eat till you’re full, but only till the point where you are content.

Set a daily calorie intake

It is important that your diet is standardized. Consuming a fixed amount of calories will help you keep track of your diet. Journals can really facilitate this process especially for Android and iPhone users as there are so many applications which help you record your daily food intake and also update you on their calorie count.

Fluid mania

Water is an extremely important part of our diet as 70% of our bodies comprise of it. Keeping yourself hydrated not only helps you in staying healthy but it also makes you alert and contributes to weight loss eventually.Fizzy drinks are a big NO as they contain lots and lots of calories which cannot be burned easily. Studies suggest that a minimum of eight glasses per day are essential.

Bye bye junk!

We all love the spicy mayo sauce McDonald’s has to offer us but little do we know that the burger it comes in has more than a 1000 calories. Yes, its true! Having junk food as part of a cheat meal is alright but having it just because you’re craving it can lead up to a weight gain in the long run. Control your desires!

Work it!

Exercise is not just a means of losing weight but it is a significant indicator of your lifestyle. So it is extremely important that you work out, incorporate cardio as well as strength training in your routine. This will in turn make you healthy by increasing your blood flow, make you active as you are giving your body what it needs to function and gradually make you lose weight as you’ll be sweating it off! Try activities like jogging, swimming, aerobics, etc. This coupled with the Phen375 supplement can make an incredible difference!

Embrace your sporty self

Along with exercising you should also incorporate something of your interest in your routine. You may love to work out but at the same time sports release the positive energy in an individual and help build up focus and determination. Try playing tennis, basketball, baseball, cricket or whatever floats your boat!

Dump oversized clothing 

The minute you get the feeling where you can’t fit into your clothes, that is when you are most motivated to fit into what you have. The though of investing in new clothes will keep you on track as you would only want to lose weight and maintain it so that you can fit in your wardrobe.

Do not lie down after a meal! We repeat DO NOT!

Most unhealthy thing on record is how people get into bed after eating or just lay down on a couch. This is a form of preserving fat. You are not allowing yourself to burn the calories that you have consumed, instead habits like these are making them permanent. So its better to start an activity after you eat such as washing the dishes, clearing the table, going out for a walk, etc.

Bring out the cereal lover

Studies suggest that individuals who consume cereal five times a week (minimum) have lower chances of ending up obese or with diabetes as compared to those who don’t. You can have oat meals or cereals that are high in fiber or low in sugar.

You are what you eat and what you do! So eat wise. Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss